Unemployment Savings

Professions and occupationsNew Jersey is a costly state to run a business. It takes some doing to attain the lowest ranking in the nation for business tax  rates several years  in a row – but the Garden State has managed it. The Tax Foundation has ranked New Jersey dead last when it comes to favorable tax climates for business for more than half a decade; likewise, Forbes magazine has ranked the state 47th in the country in terms of the favorability of its business climate.  Skyrocketing unemployment tax and worker’s comp insurance rates have a lot to do with  that.

It’s a big problem for any business but none more so than seasonal employers. Businesses focused on landscaping, transportation, hospitality, agriculture and more necessarily work with a high percentage of strictly·seasonal employees – and they must contend with the fact that most of  these will be filing for unemployment benefits at the season’s end. That drives experience ratings and tax expense through the roof -up to a whopping 7 percent.

Too many obstacles too few options. On their own, companies can do little to rein in these costs. Moving out of state is seldom an option, and state tax and regulatory environments show few signs, if any, of becoming more favorable. Businesses – particularly small, closely held companies employing seasonal help – face a disproportionate and continually increasing burden that threatens their bottom lines, and often their very survival.

Help is available – from an unexpected source. What if your costs, gaining the favorable rates given to the  biggest corporations? We have good news: You can.

The Answer: A PEO. By teaming up with the right PEO, or professional employer organization, your company immediately gains many of the advantages that major enterprises operating in the most business-friendly states enjoy: lower unemployment taxes. Lower Workers’ Comp rates. Better, cheaper benefits packages, and added protection from regulatory risk, legal liability, and benefits fraud.

It may sound too good to be true – but it isn’t. A cost and hassle-saving PEO solution is available to your company, and J. Vogel & Associates can deliver it. With a vast national network of carefully-screened service providers available, the experienced consultants at J. Vogel & Associates can deliver an extensive, immediate range of bottom line-boosting benefits – beginning right now:

  • Significant Unemployment Tax Savings – often by  up to five points (approximately $326 per employee per point annually)
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance savings – and full administration services
  • No up-front deposit
  • No annual audits
  • Pay-as-you-go plans 
  • No off-season Workers’ Compensation payments
  • Seasonable scalability – buy only the services you need, when you need them
  • Guaranteed rates for one full year – no audit adjustments or surprise expenses
  • Fixed employment costs facilitate a better bidding process, letting you bid and bill jobs accurately and creating a competitive advantage
  • Full HR services, including employee handbook, government compliance services, and payroll with a dedicated contract
  • Fortune 500-grade benefit offerings, including a free 401(k) program
  • Outstanding trust health plan utilizing Aetna, a leading national insurer network – with no participation requirements necessary
  • I-9 compliance services
  • EPLI provided at cost

Build a better business – and a stronger bottom line. J. Vogel & Associates is ready to help you cut costs, eliminate hassle, and create a stronger company. Call us today at (908) 596-0340 for a free, no obligation consultation.